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Do you love God and desire a deeper union in Him through Christ?  Are you moved by the beauty of traditional architecture, iconography, and liturgy?  Do you love to experience warm, family-friendly fellowship, to hear good music and Christ-centered preaching, to participate in enriching adult education and to offer the same to your children?  If so, then "Come and See" us!  We are a parish of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA under the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople and our doors and hearts are open to you and your family!



Spiritually Speaking (meets Sundays after coffee hour in the parish hall):

2/7     "Breaking Two Taboos: A Talk on Politics, Religion and World Orthodoxy”

2/21    "The Word Made Flesh Into A Book; Islam as a Christian Heresy"

3/6   "The Beauty of Creation: Why science and Orthodoxy work well together"

3/20     "Finding Objectivity: How science and Orthodoxy overcome our limited and fallen psychology" 

4/3     "Becoming What We Do: Moral psychology and the rituals of Orthodoxy"

4/17     "Who Are We And Why Are We Here?  The royal priesthood in the life of the Church" 



This is our basic service schedule:  please check our calendar or the bulletin to see the full list of services, volunteer opportunities, and classes.  Please note that our parish follows the Old (Julian) Calendar for all liturgical purposes.  

Saturday:  6:00 PM     GREAT VESPERS W/ LITYA (in the chapel)

Sunday:  9:00 AM     DIVINE LITURGY, followed by Coffee Hour & Sunday School

Eve of Feasts:  6:00 PM     GREAT VESPERS W/ LITYA (in the chapel)

Morning of Feasts:  9:00 AM     DIVINE LITURGY (in the chapel)

Confession is available after Vespers, before Divine Liturgy, and by appointment.

Come and See!

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The Theotokos and Angels
The Iconostasis
Chandelier and Dome Interior
The Saviour Emmanuel
The Resurrection and Crucifixion
The Hospitality of Abraham
The Icon Not Made By Human Hands
The Prophets Zacharias, Moses and Jeremias
Metallions on South Arch
The Nativity of Our Lord and Annunciation to The Theotokos
Protection of The Theotokos
Saint Anna
Saint Cyril Equal to the Apostles
Saint Demetrius
Saint Elizabeth
Archangel Gabriel
Saint George
St. John of Damascus
Saint John the Theologian
Saint Luke
Saint Mark
Saint Matthew
St. Methodius Equal to the Apostles
Archangel Michael
Saint Olga Equal to the Apostles
Saint Roman the Melodist
St. Vladimir Equal to the Apostles
Saint Zacharias
Saint Constantine Equal to the Apostles
Saint Helen Equal to the Apostles
Saint Joachim
The Protection of the Theotokos
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1031 Fullerton Avenue, Allentown, PA 18102   484-232- 9423   father.anthony@yahoo.com


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