The Protection of the Holy Theotokos Parish
Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA
1031 Fullerton Avenue, Allentown, PA, 18102
One of the great charismas of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church is its conciliarity (sobornopravnist).  This means that clergy and laity work together in spreading the Gospel and serving the needs of the community.  We do not divide parish activities into "spiritual" and "mundane" domains, with one being cared for by the clergy and other being cared for by the laity.  We work together, with the leadership of our bishop and priest to organize our worship, charitable, and administrative activites.  Our parish board is currently comprised of these members:
Priest: Father Richard Jendras

President: Bohdan Zelechiwsky
First Vice President: Brian Borsevich
Second Vice President: Susan Cooke
Recording Secretary: Helen Sayre
Financial Secretary: Eleanor Fox
Treasurer: Vera Muzychka
Auditors: Dan Petrovich
Advisors:  Carrie Petrovich, Nicolai Fartuch, Robert Noecker
Membership: Vera Muzychka, John Onulack, Walter Milinichik
Collectors: Joseph Hutzayluk, Dennis Ritter, Joseph Truchan,Jr.
Choir Director: John Koretski


1031 Fullerton Avenue, Allentown, PA 18102   610-820-0821


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Saint Mary Ukrainian Orthodox Church
1031 Fullerton Avenue; Allentown, PA 18102
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