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Welcome to OrthoAnalytika, Fr. Anthony Perkins' podcast on spirituality, science, culture, the paranormal, prepping, and current events - all from a decidedly Orthodox Christian perspective. Fr. Anthony is the rector of St. Mary's Pro-Cathedral (UOC-USA) in Allentown, PA; Professor, Vocations Director, and Associate Academic Dean at St. Sophia Seminary (UOC-USA), and a retired intelligence officer. He has a diverse background, a lot of enthusiasm, and a big smile. See for show notes and additional content.
Homily - The Feeding of the Five Thousand and the Multiplication of Grace
11 Aug 2019 at 12:00pm

In this, his last homily as the priest of St. Mary's in Allentown, Fr. Anthony describes how the multiplication of the loaves is a model for all the good work we do in the world, to the glory of God and the serving of our neighbors.  Enjoy the show!

Homily: A Christian Response to Violence and Division
4 Aug 2019 at 12:00pm

Matthew 9:27-35
Romans 15:1-7

A world of violence, of division, of demonization, of sinful self-righteousness. Surely we have to do something.

And so we try. We come up with policies, but because we are so damaged and divided, these just polarize u...

Homily - Virtue as the Fruit and Seed of Evangelism
28 Jul 2019 at 12:00pm

Homily on Romans 12:6-14, St. Volodymyr (it was his day), and Fr. Richard Jendras' ordination (which took place the previous day).  He shares the relationship of culture to virtue to the spread of all things good, focusing on the pivotal role of k...

Homily: How to heal in Christ
14 Jul 2019 at 12:00pm

Christ sent his disciples out to heal.  Today (7/14) we celebrate Sts. Cosmos and Damion, the Unmercenary Healers.  In this homily, Fr. Anthony reminds us that is our calling - not just that of clergy and medical professionals - to heal the broken...

Excerpts from a Mission Liturgy
7 Jul 2019 at 12:00pm

This Liturgy was celebrated in Waynesville, NC as an outreach of St. Mary's (Pokrova) in Allentown, PA and in anticipation of the mission (Holy Resurrection) that is scheduled to begin services in Waynesville on 18 August 2019.  The audio of the h...

The Areopagus (AFR)

Good Guys Wear Black
Good Guys Wear Black
A Podcast for Priests Who Need Priests - This podcast is designed to provide information, encouragement, and entertainment for priests, other clergy, and those who love them. We'll talk about self-care and the many joys and challenges that come with the cassock.
Fr. Harry Linsinbigler on Dealing with Self Doubt
6 Aug 2019 at 1:35pm
In this episode, Fr. Anthony and Fr. Harry talk about one of the Demons of Noonday: self doubt. They point out the role that participation in the Divine Liturgy can have in diagnosing and overcoming it and encourage anyone who is suffering from p...

Two Friends Talking (about nothing)
25 Jul 2019 at 9:02pm
In this cross-over episode, Fr. Anthony talks with his friend Pastor Michael Landsman, co-host of the Areopagus Podcast, about their CPE experiences, Fr. Anthony's transition to a new life, playing D&D, and how important it is for clergy to have (...

Cyril Jenkins on the Intentional Orthodox Enculturation of America
19 Jul 2019 at 7:08pm
In this episode, Cyril Jenkins, PhD., Director of the St. Basil Center for Orthodox Thought and Culture at Eastern University, shares his thoughts on the challenges Orthodox Christians face in America and how intentionally Orthodox educational ins...

More On Addiction Recovery
8 Jul 2019 at 1:01am
In this episode, Fr. Anthony brings back a crowd favorite, Fr. Michael Kohn (Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese), to speak about addiction, recovery, and the ontology of grace. We discuss how that grace works through fellowship, authentic testimo...

His Eminence, Metropolitan Antony on St. Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary i...
28 Jun 2019 at 3:54pm
In this episode, Fr. Anthony interviews Met. Antony, the rector of St. Sophia's, about his path to the episcopacy, the primary challenges the Orthodox face in America, and how St. Sophia's trains priests to address those challenges. The culture a...

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Saturday, 10 Aug 2019

Homily – The Feeding of the Five Thousand and the Multiplication of Grace
10 Aug 2019 at 8:57pm

Sunday, 4 Aug 2019

Homily: A Christian Response to Violence and Division
4 Aug 2019 at 1:45pm

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